Bokkraal hiking

Start: Bokkraal Waterfall valley farm, roughly 30 km south of Groot Marico Finish: basecamp Duration: 2 days, 16 km Fitness: easy to moderate Our tip: combine the two day hikes for a weekend's worth of hiking In the heart of the bushveld, in an area rich with farms that produce maize, citrus fruits and tobacco, along with mining of marble, slate and andalusite, is one farm with a hiking trail that follows along the banks of a tributary of the Marico River. The river rises close to the town of Groot Marico, famous as the backdrop to Herman Charles Bosman's tales. Farms here were among the very last in the country to maintain their old-fashioned telephone exchange until very recently. The hike, just 30 kilometres south of the town, begins at a little waterfall and hugs the banks of the river. It also takes one through scrub grassland and via a slate quarry, where it is fun to spend a while studying the different patterns or colours of slate. Most of the walk accompanies Bokkraal Se Loop, the stream that parts ways with Ribbokfontein Se Loop just north of the farm, and provides the hiker with a series of cascades, pools, superb rock formations, and waterfalls, culminating in the Tufa Falls (the word Tufa actually describes a form of calcite rock that has a crusted, porous texture, found in lime-rich water) that hikers describe as the best part of the trail. The walk is not difficult, but it is incredibly pretty, and the constant presence of water makes it a rejuvenating experience all round. Take your time. The shorter trail is about 4km and not at all taxing.

Leopardpark Golf Club

About Leopard Park Golf Club Located in the town of Mafikeng, the Capital of the North West Province, Leopard Park Golf Course is one of the more recent Peter Matkovich projects. South Africa’s premiere golf designer has successfully created yet another jewel amongst the thorns and turned the usual dry and dusty conditions of the area into a refreshing and lush oasis of a golf course. Perpetuating the theme of the oasis, water comes into play on eight of the eighteen holes and finishes spectacularly with an island green on the 18th. The fairways can be described as long and slender, meaning that accuracy is important if you want your ball to stay upon the well knitted Kikuyu. The greens are coated in Bent grass and provide dramatic endings to many of the holes.

Botsolano Gamereserve
The Mafikeng Game Reserve is 4 600 hectares of open Kalahari grassland and acacia thorn scrub on the outskirts of Mafikeng - a typical African landscape of sour mixed bushveld - through which the Molopo River winds. One of the major breeding parks for white rhino in South Africa, the Mafikeng Game Reserve lies on the boundary of the capital city of the North West province and offers virtually guaranteed viewing of buffalo, gemsbok, giraffe, zebra, springbok, red hartebeest and of course, the white rhino. Did you know? The Mafikeng Game Reserve has become famous for having pioneered electronic tagging in an effort to stop rhino poaching. The Mafikeng game reserve conserves large populations of these plains game, and the bird life along the Molopo River in particular, is prolific, particularly species of finch and waxbill. One of the biggest attributes of the Mafikeng Game reserve, other than the economical entrance fee, is that the main circuit through the park takes little more than two hours and one can almost always view enough game to make for a rewarding dip into the country’s wildlife. That and the fact that the reserve lies in a malaria free area, with a relatively mild climate - although if you’re here over winter you might want to wrap up during the evenings or on early morning game drives. And for those who feel deprived if they haven’t seen a lion, the lodge that lies on the border with the Mafikeng Game Reserve and has its own entrance into the reserve, has a lion enclosure and a crocodile camp.
Doornrivier 4x4 trail

Experience the African Bushveld in your 4x4 at Doornrivier. This 12km long trail will take a total of fourteen to fourty-eight hours to complete the entire route. It is extremely rocky, and sandy, steep and contains dongas and riverbeds. There is a range of trails to explore on the farm the main trail being mainly circular. Summer rain can make this route very challenging so be aware of the weather before you set off. If you are camping for the weekend, pitch your tent, park your caravan or settle in to the self catering accommodation available. The area is beautiful and great for a nice walk and birdwatching.